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21st Century Boulder

As the day passes, the angle of the sun changes - a fact no less true for the rooftop solar panels, than it is for the Flatirons, which are mostly clouded over here, even though Boulder remains sunny.


During the summer months in Boulder, it is typical for thunderstorms to start shaping up in the mid-afternoon hours, and these are announced by long, towering cumulonimbus clouds streaming out from the high Rockies, across the Front Range, and off toward the high plains. Some of these storms can be quite violent, and produce lightning, large hail, and tornadoes.


The Flatirons are in poor light here, but they attract rock-climbers and other adventurers, daredevils, and thrill seekers who, unfortunately, bring their no-fear attitude back down to the streets and otherwise magnificent (multi-use) bicycle paths.


Blind corner ahead? No Worries! I'll be able to shave a few 1/10s of a second off my personal best going from the Library to 30th St. if I take it on the wrong side of the path entering the tunnel. What could go wrong?


The English language has excellent words for this kind of behavior: foolhardy and reckless. Even with beautiful driveway-wide bike paths in Boulder, head-on collisions between bicyclists are not uncommon. It helps keep us in business noted one health-care professional in what some call "The People's Republic of Boulder," but that's another story!


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Taken on May 31, 2010