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Feel The Love | by Spitefully
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Feel The Love

Strobist: Sigma 530 DG Super camera right gorillapoded to pillar with an Omnibounce on, fired at 1/16 power with a full CTO via radio triggers camera right


Okay, I know this is probably a big jump from what i've done in the past month or so but you should know I tend to do that sometimes by now = P


This shot must have been one of the more frustrating ones for me to do in a while because of a couple of things. One, it was a one second exposure which I solved by doing a strobisty move gorillapodding my flash to a pillar camera right BEHIND my hand which provided the 3D effect. (Only thought of that on day 4 of shooting). I'm a lazy guy so I gave up within an hour every night and tried again the next. Haha


Which leads to two, which was the fact that I tried this shot 4 nights in a row going for a different approach everytime. My first try does not look ANTYHING like this. = P


Three, the heart thingy was hard to make since I'm a teenage guy (one of the more the more uncreative people = P). Making it require the skill only a teenage GIRL would have so I put my friend TheTelephoneGirl up to the challenge and she literally cut out a perfect heart right in front of my eyes in 15 seconds. =.= So major props to her for that. BTW, I kinda angled the hearts to the left on purpose... Straight on made it feel very uniform which wasn't what I was going for.


Four, my arm is aching from pretending to hold my hand out to 'feel' the bokeh which I think I did maybe a 100 times over this week which was not only looked ridiculous and I could laugh cause laughing makes your hand shake, which is bad = ( Plus, the position of my thumb was also a giant pain. Oh somehow I managed to get a heart to 'float' on my second finger which I think happened because my hand was shaky which basically came down to pure luck for that to happen.


Finally, if anyone is interested in finding out how to do this go check out this post. They have a great guide although the way they did it is kinda different form mine.They have you cut up a sheet of black paper to make a fake lens hood, cutting a heart in the middle but umm, if you look through the comments to that post (and there are hundreds of comments) I found someone had got it to work by cutting a circle with a heart in the middle and just shoving that in front of the lens and holding it in place with a filter or something. I addded a tab to mine for easy removal.


If anyone is interested in seeing the actual custom bokeh paper thingy I used which my friend made I will gladly post a picture of it soon, just PM me or ask me to in the comments. This one was a real toughie and I hope you guys like it, and sorry for the giant essay here = ) Have a good weekend!


Comments and faves greatly appreciated! ;)


Looks awesome on black.

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Taken on July 28, 2010