Grandma is Not Food

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    The warning label on the jar of Grandma's ashes has a very different effect from the "Super-Fun Mystery Drawer." Instead of making Grandma's less-than-savory remains more desirable, it seems to be more of a reminder--possibly to someone who is absent-minded or twisted to the point that it's not obvious that eating Granny just ain't kosher. There is a subtle "leftover" pun, which conveys a disrespect for the dead, contrasting with society's usual reverence for the dead and elders. The disrespect and reverence are balanced out by the half-hearted care expressed by the Sharpie-scrawled wish to not have the loved-one devoured in a bleary-eyed midnight fridge-raid. The label could also be taken in other directions, e.g. Grandma is not supposed to eat the contents of the jar, or the jar belongs to her, and she wrote the label to keep others out of it. Despite the possible alternate views of the the photo, it is subtly nudged in the darker direction, which gives it a charm as dry as Grandma's current corporeal state.
    This picture was one of several taken over a period of forty-five minutes with the refrigerator door wide open. If it weren't for my unwillingness to turn on the heat during the winter, the effects on the electric bill would have been catastrophic.

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    1. photochrome nick 76 months ago | reply


      I didn't even see the dark connotation, and only saw it as Grandma marking her food. This is because that's exactly what my grandma did for all my childhood...

    2. Sweasmoe 75 months ago | reply

      I want to be cremated and displayed with a lil sign that reads: "Does this urn make me look fat?"

    3. katie_that_katie 75 months ago | reply

      Ok folks...if you've ever seen real cremains, they are far more textured and multicolored than the contents of the jar.

      Also, with only that amount in the jar, if they were cremains (which they are not) Grandma would have been about the size of a cocker spaniel.

      The contents of the jar look like protein powder...dietary supplement.

      I love Sweasmoe's idea and I am now stealing it! Bwa ha ha!

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