Airedale Cruising Slow & Easy

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    So it's like this...

    A few months back I was with friends at my favorite Hawaiian food joint when this guy pulls up in this two seater Mercedes with this giant airedale in the passenger seat. The guy gets out to go in for a bite and leaves the airedale in the car with the windows rolled all the way down. The doggy immediately jumps over to the driver's seat and assumes this position. All I had on me was my camera phone. I took this picture sticking the phone IN THE CAR. The dog could give a shit.

    What you can't see is our friend here had he left paw on the window sill.

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    1. spins LPs 72 months ago | reply

      Michael - Don't worry, the owner of the car drove it home. He came out after he heard the dog had the radio on too loud.

      Angie - Way crazy-ass

      Sedan - Toonces! You know it!

      Eartha - Absolutely. Maybe this one is a future Explore!

      Neukoln - We should all look so cool behind the wheel.

      MRM - You're welcome.

      Gia - It wasn't much of a good eye. This fella was practically sitting right in front of me.

    2. spins LPs 72 months ago | reply

      Monkeysox - He was enjoying himself. And like I said, I had the camera all the way inside the car, and he didn't even bat an eye. Just in his own little world, cruising down the highway.

    3. scotdidine 72 months ago | reply

      Hilarious!!! superbe Bravo!! What????
      This great photo
      was seen in
      Dog Expressions

    4. spins LPs 72 months ago | reply

      Thanks Scotidine!

    5. spins LPs 72 months ago | reply

      Red Dirt Girl - It's not too early to start training your little pup to do this!

    6. Red Dirt Girl Photo 72 months ago | reply

      i can't even get that darn dog to know his name! we're a long way off from this.

    7. srk1941 72 months ago | reply

      How in Sam Hill did I miss THIS!?!?!?!

      I would have paid SIX dollars for it.

      Thanks for the freebie!

    8. spins LPs 72 months ago | reply

      Steven - I e-mailed you the link ages ago!

    9. srk1941 72 months ago | reply

      To THIS!?!?!

      I got one to that pee bag you lost, but never this cute puppy!

    10. janfromseattle 72 months ago | reply

      The dog's a natural....he looks like he's ready to go for his license.

    11. dogma48 71 months ago | reply

      He's headed for the drive-in window at Burger King: "Two hamburgers with extra meat, and hurry . . ."

    12. prettie77 71 months ago | reply

      omg thats insane. airedales are nutters.

    13. jend404 70 months ago | reply

      I never let my Airedale drive

    14. floating ink 69 months ago | reply

      OMG--don't anyone show this to my two airedales!

    15. spins LPs 69 months ago | reply

      Too late! Do you know where your vehicle is?

    16. wishmewell95 66 months ago | reply

      haha so cute!

    17. david.hampson 63 months ago | reply

      A few years ago I was out driving with my Airedale, Wally when the car broke down on me. So I called out a tow truck who loaded the car onto his tray and said I could ride in the cab of his truck but the dog would have to stay in the car.

      As we drive off down the street I looked out the back window of the truck and see Wally jump into the drivers seat and sit there with his paws up on the wheel like this picture.

      I think he was thinking that if nobody else was in the car then he had better drive! Quite smart dogs the Airedale, they often mimic human activity.

    18. spainer1966 60 months ago | reply

      My Airedale did my taxes.

    19. eatsShootsAndLeaves 48 months ago | reply

      Simply hilarious! My golden retriever, Bokeh always hops into the drivers seat when we leave the car. He never, however, puts his paws on the steering wheel. Goldens aren't as smart as Airedales, I guess.

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