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Forgotten Places [EXPLORED #14]

weirdest images ever. i tell ya what. haha. but thanks so much! the views, comments, and favorites have been overwhelming lately! =)


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It's not a silly little moment,

It's not the storm before the calm.

This is the deep and dying breath of

This love that we've been working on.


Can't seem to hold you like I want to

So I can feel you in my arms.

Nobody's gonna come and save you,

We pulled too many false alarms.


We're going down,

And you can see it too.

We're going down,

And you know that we're doomed.

My dear,

We're slow dancing in a burning room.


- - -


This one goes out to Cari and all of her awesome locations. Go check out her stuff. Seriously. Life goal = go exploring around and find a cool old house with her! =)


I found this really cool room full of insulation and weird peeling paint. I was gonna lay down in the insulation...but I am extremely allergic...and I tried to sit on some...but it deflated...a lot, and I almost fell over. hahaha. so i brought in the chair and just chilled. random.


gonna try and work in studio some tonight. i have a lot of stuff to do already...and our semester is only two weeks in. bah. =P


- Ethan


- - -


Don't forget to let me know if you are interested in the Midwest gathering this summer!


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Taken on January 21, 2012