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My Planning Office @ Stromlo, wander your mouse over the image for comments, like ACF, Greenie!

One of my several "sheltered workshops", I occupied over 30 years with ACT Forests, under a number of Directors and bosses.


Mark Edgerley was my first Director, who I met before being hired, and taken out by Ian Gordon to meet some of the staff and Foresters of Stromlo, Pierces Creek, and Kowen.

A history of ACT Forests was written for a web site that never eventuated, in the very early days of the web. Then all the stories where lost in the 2003 fires!

A later Director was Tony Fearnside of FACTA and the Westbourne Woods.

Brian Pratt, of Pratt's Tackle Box

Graham McKenzie Smith, when some of the redundancies started under Kate Carnell.

and finally Tony Bartlett, when many of the rest of us were made redundant in 2001, and then the Forests burnt down!


I introduced CAD and computer mapping to Forests, on a NEC APC IV, 80286-80287, in about 1987, using AutoCad 2.52.


At the same time I bought an IBM clone from Peter Harris, of Digital Business Systems and the PCUG. This was a DBS Turbo Plus XT V20 processor, 8086 with an (8087 maths co-processor, bought later) PC Users Group, still running..

640k of RAM, and a huge 30Mb hard drive.

Just for the record..

It was a 4.77/10MHz, with 2 RS232 ports, 2 Centronics, "Tactile Auditory keyboard"!, Games Port, 1x360kb drives, 4 layer System Board, $1450

14" Dual Frequency EGA colour monitor, $899

The 30Mb drive was an extra $799!

EGA card $170

EGA Monitor $899

V20 chip $29

Mouse $119


All up I paid about $3338


It was still running this year, 2009, when I gave it away to the Computer recyclers at Charnwood!


The computer here was the last in a series of PCs I ran, a Total Peripherals Pentium IV running NT. A Miro graphics card enabled two monitors to run, a rarity then.


I had an HP A0 plotter, HP pen plotter, and HP ink jet printer. AutoCAD 14 and Map, was controlled from a GTCO 20" digitizer, buried under maps and papers on the desk.

The desk was a typical National Mapping/BMR desk, built by the Government carpenters in Kingston, in 1971. All long gone..


This is the NT System.. photographed above.

System Information

Norton Utilities 8.0

System Report

Friday, 28 May 1999 12:16

Bill Crowle's Nimrod 486-33Mhz



* System Summary *



--------------------- Computer ---------------------

Computer Name: IBM AT or compatible

Built-in BIOS: AMI, Sunday, 7 July 1991

Main Processor: 80486DX, 33 MHz

Math Co-Processor: (Built-In)

Video Adapter: VGA, Secondary: None

Mouse Type: Serial Mouse, Version 9.01


--------------------- Disks ---------------------

Hard Disks: 239M

Floppy Disks: 360K, 1.44M


--------------------- Memory ---------------------

DOS Memory: 639K

Extended Memory: 7,168K

Expanded Memory: 1,024K


--------------------- Other Info ---------------------

Bus Type: ISA (PC/AT)

Serial Ports: 2

Parallel Ports: 3

Keyboard Type: 101-Key

Operating System: DOS 6.22


I even have a screen grab of the desktop display saved.


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Taken circa 2000