From the refinishing of an old Schwinn LeTour to the most challenging reconstruction of a rare award winning bicycle, Spectrum can make your old bike look better than it did when it was first purchased.

We are known in bicycle collector circles as one of the few refinishing shops willing to take on the most difficult restorations from the classic era. Our award winning work on restorations of Hetchins, Masis, Cinellis, Black Phantoms and others have brought back to show room splendor some real basket cases.

The complete bicycle shots and images of the green Hetchins are only after pictures. For the most part, the remaining images show before and after images in pairs.

Colnago Masterlight dropout images; before and after. Masterlight dropouts are notoriously prone to failure. This one failed for no apparent reason. Instead of replacing it with an original, a difficult proposition as Colnago has no interest in selling repair parts, we made a much stronger dropout for the client and then painted it to match. Resurrected!

Team Motorola images are all "after" images. This Merckx was in very good shape to begin with, so the restoration, while a lot of work, was a joy.

The second Cinelli was a very tough restoration of a horribly rusted but structurally solid frame. There was no way to save the chrome and the customer decided to not go the extra expense of re-chroming. The images are before/after pairs and (all the putty work) during the restoration.
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