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    I took Diaz to the Boone County dog park for a change and there were soo many dogs there today. Diaz is all worn out. There were two German-bred and imported 16 week old GSD puppies (one longhaired!) that were training to be cadaver dogs, 3 whippets, some coonhound mixes, Lab mixes, and more. So much fun despite the cold.
    I also apparently picked the muddiest field for Diaz to play in. She found a mudpuddle and splashed in it. Stuck her face in a mudhole. Had to let her swim in the lake to "clean" off, haha, almost all her white areas were brown by the end of our trip. She also got lots of compliments on her eyes.

    This poor Boxer mix was chasing Diaz and accidentally bowled her right over! I was lucky to get this one capture with my friend's Nikon D40... couldn't stop laughing, especially because the poor dog looks SO concerned, like he/she knew they just made a mistake and feel really bad about it. Diaz...well, she was none the worse for wear but she certainly looks like the wind got knocked out of her!

    Critique and feedback always appreciated.

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    1. songbird who sings 50 months ago | reply

      Hahaha the Boxer mix's expression is hilarious. An "OMG I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN TO" look :)

      Oh, and Cassie was rolling in mud yesterday, too. What sucks is that, before we got Cassie, Skye couldn't care less about mud, and now Cassie is teaching the joys of acting like a little piglet... ugh

    2. lauren ricci 50 months ago | reply

      Ace! I love the the look on the boxers face! Looks like total terror to me!! Diaz looks like she is in her element!

    3. amandahaven 50 months ago | reply

      this is so adorable!!

    4. Hodgey 50 months ago | reply

      OMD! How did Ralph get there and lose his brindle stripes. Diaz must have knocked them right off him! What a hilarious shot!

    5. Andromeda Honds 50 months ago | reply

      LOL You call that cold?! PFFT! ;D Hahaha this is hilarious, Mia is constantly on both sides. She has had quite the impressive hits but with all her muscle she gets right back up and plays! Amazing. Love this composition too!

    6. Supermunchie 50 months ago | reply

      This is a gorgeous photo! I love Diaz's face. Glad you had fun at the dog park!

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