Hoosier School

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I went to school here for my first few grades. It is the four room school house built in 1930 in the small town of Hoosier, located in Saskatchewan near the Alberta boarder. When I attended school here only two of the rooms were in use and by the summer of 1966 the school had closed.

I remember the basement had a concrete wall dividing it in half, each side having its own stairway, the left side for the girls and boys on the right...and you didn't want to get caught on the wrong side..!!!
My family moved to Manitoba in the mid 60s where my next school was a One Room School House! There were six little rows of desks for the six grades taught there.
School has changed a lot since then hasn't it.......

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  1. Mr. Greenjeans 36 months ago | reply

    Looks like a fun shoot! Gotta love the bicycle in the main shot!!!

  2. haegar52002 36 months ago | reply

    beautiful series... fantastic....

  3. Papa Ellis 36 months ago | reply

    a memorable image ... well done!

  4. scrabble. 36 months ago | reply

    youre specific treatment works so good in this serie...

  5. Gio's Gallery 36 months ago | reply

    Great captures my friend, nice building.

  6. Gary~ [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

    Fantastic series of photos, Ken!

  7. DanaGC 36 months ago | reply

    Nice images Ken. I'm sure it must have brought back a lot of memories!

  8. Gabriella (bye bye) [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

    So great series of your old school dear Ken with wonderful light :-) I am sure the school is happy you have done so beautiful memory photos of it :-) and I see a blue new bike ;-) guess it is your bike? :-)
    Wish you a beautiful week my friend :-)

  9. Lannell 36 months ago | reply

    so sad to see pictures of "our" school!!! Could you get up to the library? Remember the pickled snakes? We went there for a reunion about 15 years ago and it wasn't that bad, I got a book from the library, one of Oliver Goldsmiths novels!! Love to see your pics!

  10. Guamaral MaRoLa 36 months ago | reply

    beautiful series Ken! and attractive memories~

  11. amythyst_lake 36 months ago | reply

    Fantastic shots, it looks so lonely standing out on the prairie like that. Must have been quite distressing to see your old school in such a state of disrepair, but it does have an air of defiant beauty, doesn't it? Hope something can be made of the building, it's too good to lose.

  12. ►chris◄ 36 months ago | reply

    my high school sat abandoned for years while I was away at University. I cam back to see it demolished. You are so lucky to capture some memories!!

  13. Janet Bavido 36 months ago | reply

    I love 's comment about the building having a defiant beauty. Just what I was feeling.

  14. Proz@k! 36 months ago | reply

    You're invited to post your buildings photo

    Please send your shot to our group pool and join us if you like
    Wonderful world of buildings

  15. _ Marty Lang _ 36 months ago | reply

    Great images. It's such a shame to see a building with all that old character and charm go to waste.

  16. Etownbeatdown 36 months ago | reply

    Awesome series! I'm planning on heading out this way this summer to shoot this place, Inspiring shot.

  17. BravesTN 34 months ago | reply

    Beautiful shot..
    Love old buildinsg

  18. .snap.sh00ter. 31 months ago | reply

    great shots Ken.... I love them all!

    sad story though.

    The moment my eyes landed on those photos I instantly knew it was SK!!! haha... snow!


  19. Mary Ann Potter [deleted] 25 months ago | reply

    These pictures made me a little sad; it's hard to see an abandoned schoolhouse. Your photos are beautifully done. At least you still have the building. Both my elementary and high schools have been demolished in the last few years. Memories remain...

    Red rose Nomination small

    Nellie Vin Fine Art Magazine

    I am very impressed by your creative expression in this photograph!

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