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Fuller Park (urban legend) | by Special
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Fuller Park (urban legend)

Deep in the heart of Fuller Park (which isn't a real park at all but acres of woodland much like in the Blair Witch Project) there lies the graves of Mr and Mrs Fuller. Urban Legend would have you believe this ground is haunted. From the moment you step across the decaying brick fence, until the moment you (hopefully) exit. Whether the urban legend is based on any fact or not is not relevant.. what is relevant is that modern day Satan Worshippers take refuge here to perform their rituals. We found evidence of such yesterday. A poor dog gutted and lying across a pentagram. I smelled it shortly before I saw it but I did not dare venture too close to it. Weak stomach and all that. CC though.. she bounded right up to it and possibly even photographed it. I have not dared to pull her photos in yet.


No one really dares to enter the park in daylight.. and certainly not at night. Me though.. I'll do both and I am pretty sure I am insane for doing so. Even if the park isn't haunted.. it has a bad element running around in it sometimes.. particularly at night. It certainly isn't the smartest thing to do to journey into it in small numbers. I fear the satan worshippers more than I'd fear the urban legend. Though I will tell you that there is an acre of the land that is always cold.. no matter the weather. You have but to step onto the first spot to get cold chills.. and retreat back a few paces to have them subside. If you are brave enough to journey on you will find the remnants of what was once long ago a private zoo. Monkey cages. Reaching the monkey cages is supposedly a sign of bravery in these parts.

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Taken on February 23, 2005