Making Mavericks: Expanding Horizons at UT Arlington
From the time of its inception, UT Arlington has had a relationship with the city of Arlington and its leaders. In 1895 Edward Rankin, in an effort to improve education in Arlington, approached Lee Hammond and William Trimble about starting a private school. Investors soon lined up, and thus began Arlington College. With seventy-five students and one two-story wood frame building built where University Center now stands, the college embarked on a journey of campus improvement and student enrichment. From a graduating class of eight young men, to a diverse student body of 33,239, UT Arlington has grown well beyond what its founders early conceived. "Making Mavericks: Expanding horizons at UT Arlington" explores the growth and development of the University under its various presidents.

"Making Mavericks: Expanding horizons at UT Arlington" was located in Special Collections, 6th floor, UT Arlington Central Library and ran through April 27, 2013. For more information call 817-272-3393.
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