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Ricoh GRD IV

Jpeg with Cold Bleach Bypass.

out of camera shot.





my previous resolution will have lasted the time of two photos. but heck! there's too much to show! especially these files coming out of the Ricoh GRD IV.

i haven't given up on the square thingie, actually i have about 15 ready to be posted, but my hesitations are getting huge at breaking my flow to that extent.


It's actually quite amazing to see what's getting out of that small camera. Not that the noise is not present, it is very present, and this at any ISO, but it's a small sensor camera so no surprise. but the stealth, snappy aspect of the GRD IV body is close to perfection. It's the first time i'm actually buying a Ricoh GRD camera so my experience is pretty new, but i can understand why the GRD line has been kept pretty much the same design wise, as there's not a lot to improve here.


the multiple exposure "in camera" option is a fantastic feature. i still haven't tried yet seriously yet, but be sure i'll get on it as it's tons of fun and stimulates creativity.


Concerning this particular shot, there's is NO post processing whatsoever. not even a sharpen. no correction, no auto colors. Nothing!

that fact alone, clearly shows the potential of the camera. i find the hi contrast feature a bit too extreme for now, but i guess i'll get used to it. i have the feeling it's burning the image too much, i still want my greys out there.

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Taken on November 14, 2011