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Redmond silhouette | by sparth
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Redmond silhouette

Two photos in a single day. a pretty rare event for me. :)

but i processed these two at the same time so...


downtown Redmond yesterday night.


leica x1


more thoughts on the leica x1:


- first of. i dropped it. three scratches in total. i feel stupid. the thing is, this camera is so light, that when i removed a scarf around my neck, i forgot i had it. it fell on concrete. it's infuriating when you alter such a nice piece of equipment. the scratches are not huge, but they appear huge in my mind, when i think about it. anyway ... it's now totally mine right? with MY scratches, MY signature. (it helps me feel better saying this!).

- i wouldn't want to make people think it's the perfect camera. it isn't. it's a fabulously beautiful piece of equipment, but everything that has been said in reviews is true. upper buttons tend to move around losely. it forces you to check if you're in the right mode. i shoot mostly aperture so the aperture knob is on 2.8 most of the time, and the shutter knob is on A.

- i decided to buy an x1 because i just couldn't wait until march or whatever for the release of the fujifilm x100. it looks like a promising camera, but i doubt it will beat the x1 in terms of image quality. still, if it's THAT good, i'll end up buying another camera!

- when i'm shooting with the x1, i carry it around my neck most of the time. it's so light your barely feel the weight. i can even close my jacket above the camera when it's raining. for now, i also shoot without the viewfinder. if i find i'm starting to miss it, i'll go buy it, despite the ridiculous price tag. i often shoot without even looking at the screen. i shoot AF as the leica x1 isn't really done for manual focus anyway.


more thoughts as they come.

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Taken on November 30, 2010