• Pacific Ocean= gray zone
    Cooled lava field= black area

Lava Plume Funnel

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This plume is the result of a massive volume of molten lava shooting out of a lava tube that lies within the lava I am standing on while taking this photo.

The lava explodes as it hits the ocean water resulting in tremendous heat, steam, sulfur gas, glass particles, rock and sand. So much turbulence often spawns heat tornadoes or water spouts. This spout is about 100-feet long and I could not tell if it actually sucked up any water.
This image was used on a leading TV news story about these spouts, here in Hawaii.

Between the plume and the funnel other little twisters are forming.
This shot and many of my molten lava photos are available for prints or digital downloads here

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  1. sosidesc 89 months ago | reply

    amazing event taking place...
    great captures of it!

  2. Becky Spiker 89 months ago | reply

    Such an amazing thing to witness! The closest I've come to anything like this was watching St. Helen's spewing its mushroom-cloud of ash in 1980. While that was volatile and catastrophic, to me it doesn't come close to this.

  3. whiteginger 89 months ago | reply

    I'm happy your photo made the evening news, so that everyone in Hawaii could see a clear picture of those amazing whirlwinds that dance at the base of the plume. Mahalo for sharing!

  4. artolog 89 months ago | reply

    Now I know why they call you Sparky! another great shot.

  5. shesnuckinfuts 89 months ago | reply

    Your photos of nature's power just blow me away!!! Awesome!!

  6. Zsaj 89 months ago | reply

    Amazing. Just amazing.

  7. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 89 months ago | reply

    wow. i love the lil twister on the right. great work, sparky!!!

  8. Mor.gan 89 months ago | reply

    ridiculous! ace coverage...thanks for sharing such a beautiful/intense moment.

  9. hkmoths 89 months ago | reply

    fabulous image - very dramatic. Thx for sharing

    seen in the Hawaii group

  10. TBAC 89 months ago | reply

    Thank You!

  11. LightStamp 89 months ago | reply

    You are the man with the shots Leigh - these are awsome - pitch them to National Geographic......for the right price that is!!

  12. peace1374 89 months ago | reply

    What a shot! Awesome!

  13. terrygray 89 months ago | reply

    Cool shot. Thanks for sharring !!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. aidan67 89 months ago | reply

    Amazing sight...The might, the power of the nature..

  15. direfloyd 83 months ago | reply

    Very cool!!!!!! Nice one!

  16. I am marlon 63 months ago | reply

    That's incredible!

    Congratulations! your shot is hard to duplicate.
    You're invited to share your shot at

    Hard to Duplicate Group.

  17. 54StorminWillyGJ54 62 months ago | reply

    Now that is amazing.

  18. SBeatrice13 50 months ago | reply

    Awesome capture!

  19. Ria en Reinier 13 months ago | reply

    Very beautiful!

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