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Day 37/365: Hello, Valentine.

Thus far, Booty Parlor is my favorite online shop for *cough* personal pleasure items. I've been shopping with them for over a year. All of their products arrive quickly, come individually packaged in it's own pretty box lined with pink tissue and each box also has individually wrapped batteries for each item. They also throw in lots of freebies! Their site is lovely, feminine and doesn't accost you with ads for faux vaginas fashioned after porn stars. It's like the Victoria's Secret of toys.


(Their customer service is also super nice. I called once because those wacky Germans created some ergonomic masterpiece and I'll be damned if I couldn't figure out where the batteries went. haha!)


I'll let you wonder how many other things may or may not be under those pink packing peanuts. If you're curious about something, feel free to email me and I'll give you the dish.


TMI? maybe. But I feel Booty Parlor (or you and/or your significant other) is worthy of this public service announcement.


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Taken on February 6, 2007