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Leek and Lentil Soup

Well, thanks to Miku sitting on my desk brandishing a leek at me for the last few days, I'd been really craving that tall cousin of the onion family, so I decided to make leek soup.

I made up the recipe myself (based on traditional leek-soup knowledge) and I'll admit to being fairly proud of it, so I thought I'd post it here.


If you read the recipe below you will notice that some of the ingredients have variable amounts. This is because I'm the sort of cook who just adds everything to taste, so all amounts listed are really just approximations. Feel free to alter things as you see fit.


~Creamy Leek and Lentil Soup~


Fiddliness: Easy.

However, basic competency with vegetables is assumed. If you're asking yourself what a leek is and how one uses it, perhaps you'd better not try this alone.


Ingredients (all measurements are metric. Serves 4):


2 leeks, thoroughly washed

1 cup of dried green lentils

1-2 vegetable stock cubes

3-4 tablespoons of cream

Water as needed




Rinse the lentils and put them in a decent sized saucepan. Cover them with water and boil them until they are soft. This will take around forty-five minutes, probably. Be sure to stir the lentils now and again, and add more water as needed.

While the lentils are being mercilessly boiled, roughly chop the leeks. Remember to discard the roots and any of the green part which looks disreputable.

When the lentils are soft, turn off the heat and add the leeks and stock cube/s. Stir.

Next, add enough water to almost cover the leek/lentil mixture and cook on a medium-high heat, stirring often, until the leeks are cooked to your liking. I like my leeks with a bit of spring still in them, but some people will prefer them softer. You may have to add more water if the mixture seems too thick.

Once the leeks are cooked, turn off the heat and stir in the cream.

Et voilá. The soup is ready to eat.

Best served with a slice of buttered bread or hot toast. Mmmmmmm~


Afterthought: this might have been nice with celery as well. I should try that next time.

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Taken on March 31, 2012