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    1. dwight_ew 71 months ago | reply

      Seconded! If we don't push for this, it'll never happen!

    2. McMuffin1892 59 months ago | reply


      As someone who is an extreme nerd regarding Eastern Ontario railbeds though, I have some suggestions regarding the depicted regional rail.

      First of all, there is a line going outwards from ottawa to vars/limoges/casselman--very realistic and very achievable as that is the route of the current VIA rail. But from casselman to cornwall.... that's just weird. There is no railbed along that route, and there really isn't any room to build one, plus from the perspective of Cornwall it would be an extremely circuitous route that would be very slow. If you wanted to reach Cornwall with the regional system, I would use the former New York Central alignment--that is the one that leaves Ottawa along the same route as the VIA Montreal-bound line, then diverges off and goes through Russell and Embrun en route to Cornwall. Then you could serve the rapidly growing towns of Embrun & Russell which are completely missing from this map, and provide a much faster line to Cornwall. For the purposes of this map, that line would diverge from the Casselman one just after Walkey Junction, then you could put stops in Edwards, Russell, Embrun, Crysler, Finch, Newington, and Cornwall. Also, I'd put a stop in Carlsbad Springs just before Vars. I would pass through there anyway.

      Also, on the southern line--Brockville? that's a little bit far. I don't think there's much of a commuter market from Brockville all the way into Ottawa. I'd end that line at Prescott, or maybe even Spencerville. Brockville Ottawa is more intercity than regional rail, so let's let VIA Rail handle that one. Also, LOVE the fact that a stop at Oxford Jct south of Kemptville is included. In the North Grenville area, the rural areas surrounding Kemptville (Oxford Mills, Bishops Mills, Actons Corners, South Gower, etc.) actually have more people than Kemptville itself, so for commuters going from North Grenville Ottawa an Oxford Jct station would be extremely useful. That feature was well thought out.

      The route to Almonte could be extended to Pakenham very effortlessly. I'd do that.

      Also, you could add a route that would leave Kanata-area and go to Dunrobin, Fitzroy, Norway Bay and Shawville, that would be very feasible as there is an existing CN route that does exactly that.

      Also, I'm a little curious as to how exactly a line was planned from Trim to Hawkesbury. There isn't any preexisting railbed, so presumbly it was a line within the Hwy174 right of way, but the map shows 174 and doesn't seem to indicate that's the case. A line hugging the river, perhaps? regardless, a very good line--Rockland is the largest and fastest-growing of all the towns surrounding Ottawa, so it definitely would need service.

    3. dwight_ew 56 months ago | reply

      I have to wonder about the possibilities of a Brockville-Ottawa commuter line...

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