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Proxyon Interceptor | by space_e
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Proxyon Interceptor

The interceptor from Proxyon Industries is one of the most effective strikecraft in the royal fleet.


For optimal maneuverability, it boasts low moments of inertia along all axes and a fully diagonal inertia tensor.


For pitch and yaw control, it has been outfitted with three reaction wheels (of which one is allowed to fail).


For roll, lateral movement and desaturating the reaction wheels, 12 small RCS thrusters have been fitted.


The pilot is situated extremely close to the center of gravity of the craft to make sure the interceptor can rotate quickly without putting strain on the pilot due to centripetal forces.


Lastly, linear acceleration is accomplished by means of three standard Solovyov rocket engines.



The interceptor comes equipped with three auto-targeting small caliber rotary-autocannons, loaded with thermite rounds. These can be used both offensively and to target incoming missiles.


The placement and range of movement of these armaments provide full cover around the entire craft, no blind spots.


When a target is detected, at least two of the autocannons will be able to fire immediately, and depending on the situation, the interceptor will make slight attitude adjustments to be able to use the third autocannon as well.


Competitors might call these armaments flimsy, but thanks to the low momentum of the lighter rounds and high rate of fire, these weapons only cause a small, almost continuous thrust when firing, which is easily compensated for by the RCS thrusters. This in turn makes the interceptor very smooth and predictable to fly, even when in combat.


Built for the Real World +200 Starfighter contest.

Applying engineering knowledge to lego models is quite fun.

cockpit minifig shot

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Uploaded on May 14, 2017