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Hey, Dr. Jones! No time for love!

Today's textures are brought to you by Gladys Emerson Cook's Drawing Dogs (©1958) and a crumpled up, folded piece of printer paper. Oh I almost forgot! I started off planning about 40 different skulls... but after I slimmed down the design, I guess I missed some of the placeholders. See if you can find all the remaining skull copies! Winner will receive 1 free pop culture reference to a CW program of their choosing.

I hope this one isn't too much of a stretch!

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  1. laszlito 118 months ago | reply

    somebody should publish these books!

  2. chelly-egg 118 months ago | reply

    1 & 2 same skulls, flipped?

  3. davidfromdallas 118 months ago | reply

    (figured out my own!)

  4. spacesick 118 months ago | reply

    thanks maltz, paul, hanna, eye static, simoncpage, david, apocalust, gregorverb, Madame L'espace, 18buried81, and jet-pac! I'm so glad you like em. and gonna keep going with these once a day until I run out of steam :)

    bear and bird - thanks! :D you know, those shirts would go great with a few square feet of wall space in some type of gallery showing. *innocently whistles*

    hector - I will not take offense to that for the simple fact that you are so damn awesome to me. thanks, man! :D

    travis - aww you're teasin me! besides, if you really hLaOtVeEdD me, you'd know that I'm a full time freelancer now. meaning no, I don't have a job. *rimshot*

    timo - ehehe. don't forget to save me a bite of snake surprise!

    lazlito - hehe I WISH! thanks. :)

    as for the contest, it looks like the winners are.... CHELLY AND DAVID with two matching skulls each! yayyyy! please send the name of your favorite CW show written on a 3x5 index card to my flickr mail and I will send out your references immediately! :D

  5. tyler garrison 118 months ago | reply

    yeah...my favorite so far.

    congrats on the full time freelance thing. that's my goal one of these days. retail work is a drag, man.

  6. Martin Isaac 118 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Book of the Week Club, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  7. bob canada 118 months ago | reply

    Love this series! Keep up the good work!

    "Temple of Doom" was always my least favorite entry in the Indy trilogy. Then "The Crystal Skull" came along and made "Doom" look like Shakespeare!

  8. ad hoc cakes [deleted] 118 months ago | reply

    I think this is my favourite. Love it

  9. king_aevil 118 months ago | reply

    This is absolutely brilliant! You've captured the style perfectly in this cover and the others. Could you tell me the name of the font you used for "The Temple of Doom"? It really strikes a nostalgic chord in my early-childhood memories, but I don't know what it's called.

  10. J.15 118 months ago | reply

    wow, this is amazing!

  11. EdavidC 118 months ago | reply

    you are too cool.. I miss going the drawing board and seeing cool ass stuff like this.
    I gotta know, are you scanning in old covers and adding to them or are these completely photoshop/illustrator?

  12. jomanidk 118 months ago | reply

    So let me get this straight: These are not real book covers? :o

  13. mattplace 118 months ago | reply

    Excellent. Should consider prints, maybe even threadless.com or something similar.

  14. mttsndrs 115 months ago | reply

    This cracks me up, because I actually did read the novelization of "Temple of Doom" back in the mid-80s.

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