No More Drugs for that Man

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    insert hilarious quote here

    +awesome shootout

    +white doves

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    1. spacesick 64 months ago | reply

      allo, guvna!

    2. Seven_Hundred 64 months ago | reply

      Your Foreword/Backward is inspired

    3. steven.bonner 64 months ago | reply

      haha, great quote

    4. laszlito 64 months ago | reply

      Love it!

    5. merrick_monroe 64 months ago | reply

      With a Spacesick in your pocket, you, too can read the movies of the stars!

      Wait, that doesn't even make sense...

      These movies have no plot!

    6. bsweber 64 months ago | reply


    7. micahburger 64 months ago | reply

      awesome series, very clever, hears a movie suggestion-
      "the last starfigher" if youve seen it, but you kinda did the star thing with the space jams, so maybe not

    8. bsweber 64 months ago | reply

      i don't know why......but i think you should do grosse point blank

    9. BillwillBillywilliam 64 months ago | reply

      slow hand clap for you sir! carry on....

    10. starr226 64 months ago | reply

      texture lesson please

    11. Dr. Monster 64 months ago | reply

      now you bastards have me working on some of these too...i'm doing ALIEN and the first predator tonight. in red black white too.
      and yes, texture lesson?

    12. spacesick 64 months ago | reply

      thanks, everyone! :D I'm havin fun with these so I guess I'll just keep going until I get bored.

      merrick - ahaha. damn straight. everyone wishes they had a s-s-s-spacesick in their pocket!

      micahberger - yes! I so wanted to do Last Starfighter at some point! :D but I haven't thought about HOW yet, since it would be cheating to take more than 24 hours to create something for the Make Something Cool Every Day group. thanks for the kind words!

      brett - YOU should do Grosse Pointe Blank, man! travis already made some posters of his own. you should really hop on board!

      dr. starrmonster - dudes I have no idea what I'm doing! the extent of my knowledge so far is limited to scanning things in and setting the layer to multiply. but once I develop a better understanding of what I'm doing, I promise to share with you guys all that I have learned from the smartest man in the world! (me) sound good?

      trav - I just SAW THEM, man! they're awesome! anyone who sees this should swing by his stream and check them out too.

    13. Maltzmania 64 months ago | reply

      This is Travolterrific!

    14. Dr. Monster 64 months ago | reply

      aw man, that just made me think- you need to do a battlefield earth!

    15. PLDM 64 months ago | reply

      Featured on my crap little blog 'Let's Get Busy Today, Or Die!'.

    16. Bruno Orbit 64 months ago | reply

      i remember putting that sick movie out after 40 minutes when Cage showed up in his hilarious leopard leggins - - this was - - not really -- villain-y :D

    17. François Van Damme 62 months ago | reply

      cool typography, great idea!

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