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1 euro shop | by SpaceShoe [Learning to live with the crisis]
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1 euro shop

Almost 5 months have passed since my last upload. The reason behind this pause lies on the conditions that I experience in Greece.


In Greece, nowadays, there are three cases. Either you are unemployed or, if you are employed, you live within a constant state of insecurity of losing your job, either because the company you work is having problems or because they can find someone else who will be willing to work more hours for less money. All is justified in the name of “calming” the “markets”. As if the markets are demons or demi-gods who demand the lives of the people in order to be satisfied. This is madness!!


Unemployment is 26% and by the end of the year it will reach 34% of the active population! This kind of unemployment has been noted only in countries that have been facing long term wars. The health system is collapsing rapidly and the fascist party is getting more and more strong. We do not speak of a Far Right party but of a Fascist party on the steps of the Nazi party. Everyday that passes they become more and more popular with their mix of populist politics and hate speech.


Europe, for Greeks, is dead. As it seems Greece is dead for Europe too. A new Europe is rising that in order to secure itself it is becoming smaller and smaller. As if to become secure it has to cut parts of its body. What a mental anomaly!


And then there are those people who live by their pensions. As the man in this photo coming out of a “1 euro shop”, dressed poorly, passing through a body of demonstrators, looking down, speaking to himself, lost somewhere on his thoughts.


This old man, lives with a pension of 300 or 400 euros. Now, he has to pay all his medicine, he has to eat and live with this money. And the prices in Greece are the same just like Germany. Greece is among the three most expensive countries to live in Europe!


On my side, while life has been hard there have been some good news too. “Gateway” magazine from China has published a set of my photos on greek crisis on its July issue. It was an 8 page article I wrote with photos I had taken. In the next days I will see to post some pages from the magazine with the text in English.


On the other hand, I am left with no camera to take photos (except from an automatic Panasonic Lumix) since my Olympus E-400 has broken into pieces after an accident I had. This has been very frustrating for me and while I have been trying to put some money on the side this is very very difficult.


Hope you enjoy the photo.


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Taken on September 13, 2012