The Spirit of the Patriarch dolmen
Caucasus dolmens are considered to be places of power and amongst more than 3000 dolmens spread along the Black sea shore there are a few that are famous for their great energy which almost any person can feel. One of this dolmens is located close to Pshada village and is proudly named by the people "The Patriarch".
Thousands of people visit this dolmen every year as they believe that this dolmen may help your wish to come true. And many of them come again next year to express their true grattitude to the spirit of dolmen for realisation of their wish...
It is very rare when a spirit of a dolmen shows itself on a photograph but this year we were lucky to cupture the spirit of The Patriarch dolmen on two different cameras. The photos look different because one camera had the flash light on and another one - flash-off. I hope it is clear which one is which. )))
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