White Knight 2 rollout
I was able to briefly attend the rollout of Virgin Galactic's new carrier aircraft, White Knight 2.

Richard Branson and Burt Rutan unveiled the new carrier plane for Space Ship Two. Called EVE, after Richard's mother, this craft has a 140 foot wingspan, twin booms for carrying pilot, crew and guests, and four Pratt & Whitney PW308 engines. It is the largest carbon composite aircraft ever built.

After the rollout, I visited my friends Rich Pournelle and Henry Vanderbilt at XCOR Aerospace. Only a small crew was home. The rest were in Oshkosh for the world premiere of the Rocket Racing League rocketplane.

Also visiting XCOR was Chris Gilman of Orbital Outfitters. XCOR has a contract to lease his new generation space suit when XCOR is ready to fly the Lynx, a sub-orbital rocket plane that will soon compete with Space Ship Two.

Competition is a good thing.
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