171009-Inauguration JvP-Plate
Today we inaugurated the 1st Jesco von Puttkamer Memorial plate for partners. It is assembled now at the headquarters of Tec Mantra Labs - Global in Kurukshetra India. Ralf Heckel (CEO of the Jesco von Puttkamer Society) and Navdeep Vishnuvanshi (CEO of Tec Mantra Labs) revealted the lasered 60x50 cm plate from brushed special steel today at 2 pm.

Herewith the work of Prof. Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer for the international science-youth will be honored in India. Also this location is a launchpad to improve more careers of young enthusiasted engineering students. Jesco von Puttkamer invited all indian teams at the NASA Moonbuggy Race with an International Team Award in Huntsville Alabama 2011.

This memorial plate today is a continuation of his work into a country were he was never before himself. As a trailblazer who opened the space for our generation, it is a honor to realize his dreams of a one world.

From here will be managed all international spaceeducation activities for interested students in India. There will be an annual JvP-Cup in India and numerous workshops. Every year the most engaged VIP´s will be invited into this headquarter for an award.

From here were orgnized the most international space education events for indian students. This inauguration is also a honor for the hard work of Tec Mantra Lab - Global.

Indian medias accompanied this revelation today.

Location: goo.gl/maps/PRgpxJPGk472
Video : youtu.be/Wf1Lk7p2XA0
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