new mission theater party
there was a party in an abandoned theater to celebrate harrison's birthday. lots of paint was put on the walls and a few bands graced the stage before the police came and shooed us away. below is the police blotter of the event.

Case .. 060-308-747
Mar. 22, 06 0046 hrs; 2000 block of Mission
Officers responded to a call of a vandalism call. When the officers arrived they were told that a group of vandals broke into the building and were having a party inside. When the officers entered the building they noticed approximately 300 people inside and also a large amount of new fresh graffiti located on the wall. The officers called for additional units. Prior to their arrival the large group of people exited out of a rear door. The officers were able to detain 16 subjects two of which had outstanding warrants for there arrest. The officers located numerous spray paint cans inside of the building. Both subjects were arrested.
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