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Don't try this at home

Taking in the view overlooking ilkley (where, famously, ducks play football), from the top of the "cow and calf" rocks (i think - i didnt consult the map much :-).


Self-Portrait - I really need to learn how to stand more naturally, either that or take someone else along who doesnt mind being photographed so i can bark orders at them :-)


With hindsight, standing at the top of a cliff high up in the moors wasn't the cleverest thing to do (there was a bit of wind), but i had to see what it looked like as a photo.


The rock i'm stood on was actually sticking out from the cliff, so there were drops nearly all the way around... slightly nervous is an understatement :-)

Had this on a 25 second timer - there was no way i was rushing into that spot, and i made doubly sure the rock wasn't going to give way first!


(Taken with an Infra-Red filter).

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Taken on May 6, 2006