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Bzzzzzzz | by SouthWestDreams 
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Refound these in the bottom of a desk drawer. From a beehive round someone dissected SOMEHOW in a fit of boredom.


8000 of these darts were nestled inside of each antipersonnel round our 105's had stashed among the more typical HE ordnance and illumination rounds. If the worse came to be the howitzer tubes were leveled and these were fired and fuse set to blow the round almost immediately. Once that round goes you have 8000 of these looking for a home. Do the math with 6 good gun crews at multiple rounds per minute each.


If all that failed the centuries old term of Spiking the gun comes into play. If a battery was overrun a spike would be pounded into the cannons touch hole rendering the gun disabled. Unless things have changed our batteries had thermite grenades. Toss one down the tube or into the breech and it just melts the mess together.

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Taken on August 15, 2017