Dandilion seeds

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    Totally unrelated to this picture, have you ever put your Flickr username into Google? put it in double hyphons eg "cl@re bear" and see how many sites are using pictures from your stream you will be amazed i think

    1. si's donkey 59 months ago | reply

      great detail!

    2. AngMoo 59 months ago | reply

      Perfect shot again Clare. Actually - the detail here is amazing!

      Right - egosurfing here I come... :)

      *dandelion btw

    3. AngMoo 59 months ago | reply

      OMG Clare - you're right! I'm still looking and it's amazing what's out there associated with my name.

    4. Darren M S 59 months ago | reply

      Another nicely captured image here clare, love the fine detail we can see, were you using a tripod?
      As far as our photos been used on other sites, its frightening but there seems little we can do about it, apart from leaving social network sites such as flickr and never sharing anything online, but then if we did that the majority of our photos would never be seen by anyone other than ourselfs and i think that would be a shame, i like people viewing my work, even better when they like them too.

    5. Jan Hopgood 59 months ago | reply

      A supreme image!

      Going to look now :(

    6. The Blue Boy 59 months ago | reply

      Another good 'un mate. All I get is some painting about some dandified fop. Which sums me up rather nicely I think. :-)

    7. PbPD 59 months ago | reply

      Great shot again - I`ll try that google tip too

    8. Identity Photogr@phy 59 months ago | reply

      Hi! I didnt know you where on here. Hope your well, like the Username lol I hope he hasnt been working you too hard!

      yea see what I mean! you are internet infamous!!

    9. Identity Photogr@phy 59 months ago | reply

      Thanks, no tripod used :) I think the only way is to copyright in Flickr, if your use Creative Commons then people are bound to use them.

      Thanks Bloo I am sue there must be more of youout there!

      thanks I mus have found 50 sites with mine on

    10. 666Izzy 59 months ago | reply

      Nice photo.

      I found three other people who've used the same ID on other sites, and my own BookCrossing ID, but none of my photos.

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