man down

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    1. christ-o-phile 55 months ago | reply

      I LOVE this shot so much.

    2. Hollis Queen 55 months ago | reply

      no, this was after we made him let angus have a turn on the ramp he was hogging. this child is so dramatic.

    3. m.e.g.a.n. 55 months ago | reply

      Makes me giggle, although I admit I freaked out for half a second before I read that he was mid-tantrum.

    4. Hollis Queen 55 months ago | reply

      what a mom i'd be if i paused before going to help him out after a face-down crash to snap off a few frames.

      thanks for the vote of confidence. :) hahahaha

    5. babadri 55 months ago | reply

      ahh, this is shakespearean in its drama! i love it, cracked me up.

    6. m.e.g.a.n. 55 months ago | reply

      That's why it was only a half second freak out! hehahah LOVE the picture, it keeps making me laugh every time I look at it.

    7. christ-o-phile 55 months ago | reply

      this is so eggleston gone dark, it's awesome.

    8. Hollis Queen 55 months ago | reply

      christophile----YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exactly.

    9. Hollis Queen 55 months ago | reply

      and thank you. shit. i look like a jackass. i meant, YES about the eggleston comment. not YES, i am awesome. doy.

    10. j*lewis 55 months ago | reply

      at first i thought you had joined one of my favorite flickr groups, face down tuesday, then i read the tags and was immediately reminded of this moment.
      this makes me laugh
      we should do a dip.

      oh, and i LOVE this. are you guys sure you don't want another? from my experience so far, girls are way more dramatic. even at one year old.
      i would love to see the drama unfold between these two.

    11. Sickle Back Brown 55 months ago | reply

      There is way too much drama now. A little girl that I can't get away from adding to it? I would snap. And then I would make other things snap. Calling about the ole sniporoonie tomorrow.

    12. j*lewis 55 months ago | reply

      make an appointment for matt while your at it.

    13. Hollis Queen 55 months ago | reply

      ack! henry & noah....brothers from other mothers! had henry just turned three when this shot was taken? (oh, and tony would totally cave if i REALLY wanted another kid. but i know that we could not handle one more. noah alone is like having three . that guy....jeesh.)
      tony is a wise man to call a doctor before i can get cuckoo and change my mind. :)

    14. Hollis Queen 55 months ago | reply

      holy shit! facedown tuesday RULES!

    15. julielion 37 months ago | reply

      ha, we get that drama here. This is awesome, great shot.

    16. Stacysparkle 26 months ago | reply

      Nice composition & tones! Have a good weekend!

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