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Spit, don't swallow. - h1681 | by SouthernBreeze
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Spit, don't swallow. - h1681

The title is a direct - albeit euphemistic - reference to the act of oral copulation of the male, properly known as fellatio, or more simply as a "blow job," wherein the fellatrix/fellator swallows the ejaculate.


The following items were retrieved from a male patient, in his late 40's, whom had a history of bipolar disorder, and of admittance to a local mental health hospital. Local LEOs had today (12/7/12) arrested the man because he was "causing a scene" (creating a commotion) in the parking lot of a store. Upon his arrest by authorities, he confessed to them that he had swallowed 27 batteries. The authorities then immediately brought him to the hospital, where my colleagues were THREE HOURS in "scope time" retrieving the entire cache. This phenomenon is neither well understood, nor researched in mental health literature. Colloquially, individuals whom suffer from such a mental health condition are called "swallowers."


So, most definitely, in cases such as this, "Spit, don't swallow."


Inventory of Stomach Contents


14 - AA batteries

13 - AAA batteries

3 - keys

1- lock washer

1 - small decorative chain

1 - small paper clip

1 - torpedo-shaped magnet

1 - rifle shell, .308 Winchester

1 - 6.5mm socket tool

7 - U.S. quarters (25¢)

3 - U.S. dimes (10¢)

3 - U.S. nickles (5¢)

22 - U.S. pennies (1¢)

3 - small metal buttons

2 - cloth-covered hair ties

2 - metal joiners for hair ties

2 - nuts, bolt joinery

2 - small decorative brass balls

54 - small pebbles, various/assorted sizes

1 - cigarette butt

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Taken on December 7, 2012