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Here's just one part of the Affordable Care Act does - it REGULATES BIG INSURANCE and requires them to spend 80¢ of every $1.00 of your health insurance premium on healthcare. Not overhead, not CEO compensation, not stockholder payout, not office expenses, not advertising... but YOUR HEALTHCARE.

What a novel idea, eh? That health insurance premiums should be used to pay for healthcare.

Reckon where that crazy idea came from?

  1. knightbefore_99 22 months ago | reply

    In "socialist " BC we pay $60 a month for health care , and we still complain :)
    (free if you make less than $25,000/year)

  2. SouthernBreeze 22 months ago | reply

    Down here, Patrick, it's all about the GREED - which is actually AVARICE, an unbridled and extreme form of greed. The guiding philosophy is "Get all you can; can you get; and sit on the rest." And that, my friend, is NOT a good rule of life.

    How many houses does a man need? How many cars? How much of anything does a man need? What good does it do a man if he has an abundance, and warehouses in which to store it, if it rots, while his neighbor or brother starves, is naked or in prison?

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