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A Bowl of #Homemade #Tomato #Soup & Melted #Cheese #Sandwich – h | by SouthernBreeze
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A Bowl of #Homemade #Tomato #Soup & Melted #Cheese #Sandwich – h

So... I had a "brainiac" idea: Make tomato soup from a can of sauce which had been gifted to me, and jazz it up with some of the RAGÚ® brand marinara pasta sauce which accompanied it.


Say... did you know that the RAGÚ® brand is actually owned by a Japanese firm?


Sho' is.


Folks think it's all Italian, and such; but, it's NOT.


RAGÚ® is owned by Mizkan, which, on their corporate HQ website's "About Mizkan" page states in part that, "In 1804, the Mizkan Group was founded in Handa, Japan. We celebrated our 215th anniversary in 2018."




And in May 2013, headlines like "Smithfield Foods to be bought by Chinese firm Shuanghui International," and "Shuanghui Agrees to Acquire Smithfield Foods for $4.72B" received little fanfare.


But, that same month and year I predicted that that consequently, prices would rise, and they have — SIGNIFICANTLY.


That's' the SAME Shanghui International that sold pigs that had been fed a substance banned in the USA & England & other nations.


Shuanghui Group, China’s largest meat processor, sold pigs fed Clenbuterol in 2011. Here's a link from Food Safety News about the ordeal.


And, would it surprise you to find out that Goldman Sachs is one of the top investors?


“According to Chinese government data, 18 outbreaks of food-related clenbuterol poisoning occurred between 1998 and 2007. The most recent report indicates one person died and more than 1,700 others fell ill.”


And then... in January 2014, in order to DECEIVE and MISLEAD the ignorant public about Smithfield's Chinese ownership, Shuanghui International CHANGED THEIR NAME to "WH Group."


From the WH Group website:

"WH Group was formerly known as Shuanghui International, and renamed itself to its current form in January 2014."




Enjoy your poisoned bacon, sausage, and ham... and your Chinese job. Wait... it left, too.


Where does it all stop?


NO ONE should be asking that question of Wall $treet, because they'd sell their mother if they could make a buck on the bitch, because they're unscrupulous. They're ALL about the money, and nothing else. The Constitution and Patriotism means NOTHING to them.


And so, it falls to Congress, which the "Party of NO" impedes progress and refuses help For The People, precisely because of the racist, filibustering RepubliKKKlans that don't want people to vote, whose fealty is to their Corporate Money Masters and Campaign Donors, which most often, are one and the same.

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Taken on October 19, 2021