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CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card - h | by SouthernBreeze
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CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card - h

Received the Moderna-developed mRNA vaccine against COVID-19 today. To be 95% effective, an additional vaccination must be received within 30 days.


This pandemic thing is no fun. And we're ALL learning as we go.


Some are crying, whino's who bitch, moan, groan, and complain that they can't get their goddamn nails done, or hair cut. That's FULLY un-American. We no longer have a "greatest generation." We have a goddamn "ME FIRST" generation of children... many of which wear adult clothing, and claim to be aged 30, 40, 50, or older.


Here's a little reminder for the selfish bastards:

During World War I, about HALF of the American fighting forces VOLUNTEERED, and did so with the French Foreign Legion. The other half were happily drafted.


Even though America had no “dog in that fight,” per se, and POTUS Woodrow Wilson proclaimed that we “must be neutral…,” America had oblique reason to became involved following the German submarine sinking of the British civilian passenger ocean-liner Lusitania in May 1915 which resulted in 1200 deaths, including 128 Americans. But, it’s debatable whether that steeled American public sentiment and resolve against Germany, or not, though Wilson continued his policy of non-involvement. Former POTUS Teddy Roosevelt was one who opposed Wilson's idea of American non-involvement and lack of intervention, and started the “Preparedness Movement” which sought to persuade Americans that they ought to prepare for war. (Beating the drums of war, eh?)


In 1916, the infamous Mexican guerrilla leader Pancho Villa and his “banditos” (henchmen would be more like it – odd how we romanticize criminals, isn't it?) raided Columbus, New Mexico during the Mexican Revolution (from 1910-1920), which had been admitted to the Union 4 years earlier. In response, 10,000 American troops were sent on a special expedition which lasted nearly a year, and failed to capture him. In response, American concern was increased that our military service members were not ready, and Wilson signed the National Defense Act, legislation which increased the size of the Army and National Guard, then later, the Navy.


Campaigning upon on the slogans “He Kept Us Out of War” and “America First,” Wilson was re-elected in 1916.


In the mean time, some Americans had already independently joined the war in Europe effort by joining the French Foreign Legion in various capacities, not all of which were in battle.


In March that year, the Germans sank another passenger ocean-going liner – the French “Sussex” – upon which several Americans were also killed. Germany had earlier promised to not sink any more passenger or merchant marine ships, but reneged on that promise in January 1917, and stated they would resume submarine warfare, and sank several more American merchant marine vessels in February and March.


And on April 2, 1917, POTUS Wilson called a Special Joint Session of Congress and sought a declaration of war against Germany, saying that, “The world must be made safe for democracy.”


American troop strength at the time was 133,000, so Congress passed the Selective Service Act which reinstated the draft for men, for the first time since the Civil War. About 2.8 million men were inducted, and 2 million MORE served voluntarily.


American infantry troops landed on European soil June 1917, and entered their first combat in October in France.


At 11 AM, the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 – Armistice Day – which we today call "Veterans Day," the war ended.


They BELIEVED in something besides themselves.


They believed in a WE, not "ME" – and they ACTED UPON IT.


Now, the goddamn sons-of-bitches cry because they can't get their goddamn nails done, hair cut, or eat out.




But! I must also say, that I have confidence in this younger generation, the youth, that they "get it," that they understand the quandary in which we find ourselves in many ways, and that they will be the ones leading us out of our troubles.

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Uploaded on January 15, 2021