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I'm glad I'm an American. I'm glad I live an a country where if I make an effort and do the best I can there is a very high probability that I can live a comfortable life and be able to provide for my future wife and future kids. I'm glad I live in a land where I can love and worship my God without threat of governmental persecution. I'm glad others can to, even if they don't agree with me. I'm glad I can share what I think with them if they're willing to listen, and that I can disagree with my government if I so choose to.

That said I'm not the happiest with our nation's leaders. While I support the war on terror, I don't know if we're fighting it correctly. Perhaps a better model would be to exercise the second amendment and become a society that does carry guns on a more frequent basis. I think that would prevent terror on our soil. While I think Iraq is better off than it was, it runs risk of being in horrible shape if left on its own. Iran poses a severe threat to Iraq and to Israel. I don't think our leaders are doing a good job with the immigration issue. But instead of continuing to be negative, I'll explain this little celebration.


On the 4th of July, our Independence Day, Americans traditionally shoot off fireworks. I guess it is because we have the freedom to be stupid with our money. :-/ Anyway the Sunday before myself and some of my friends made a tank war after spending a day together after church. The premise of it is you light the tanks on the outside, then they roll in and the sparks from the front of them light the rest. It works great, and is quite fun.

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Taken on July 1, 2007