Weymouths Volume 1: Bound for New England
Weymouths Vol. #1 — A list of the 104 people onboard the ship Charity, leaving Weymouth, Dorset (UK) and bound for New England in March, 1635. The ship landed near Boston and the settlers founded Weymouth, Massachusetts.

The list was originally published in 1885 by the Weymouth (MA) Historical Society.

I've designed this version as a book-form information graphic — men are shown on black pages, women on white. Servants are underlined. Font size is determined by age (larger = older). Views of both Weymouths are taken from Google Street View.

Vol #1 printed as a sample using the Espresso Book Machine at McNally Jackson, NYC. 12 volumes are proposed for the B-side Multimedia Arts Festival in Weymouth, Dorset (UK), summer 2012.

My review of the Espresso Book Machine soulellis.com/2011/11/the-espresso-book-machine/

Full PDF of Weymouths Vol #1
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