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Climate Change - Global Warming - Global Warning

WARNING CO2 says the sign -

could this be the first warning sign of Global Warming?


Perhaps this is a sign to remind us to

turn down the central heating,

turn off the air conditioning, and

turn off electrical equipment on standby.


This has been processed to deliberately warm the colours by increasing the saturation by 60%.


Perhaps this gives some idea of what it will be like in 20 years time with climate change.

Well, there's nothing like a bit of exaggeration to get a point across.


The background facts:

Carbon dioxide levels have been rising steadily in the atmosphere,

at a rate faster than that documented during the last 60 million years, and probably more.


The rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide is mostly related to the burning of carbon in fossil fuels: coal, oil, gas and lignite, as well as wood.


Burning peat and draining wetlands also contributes to the increase in CO2


Deep water in the oceans removes some of the carbon dioxide produced, which slowly acidifies the sea.

Eventually, as the deep cold ocean water slowly warms up, it will start to release the stored carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.


At present, a small amount of carbon dioxide is removed from the carbon cycle by the additional growth of forests in Scandinavia and eastern North America.


Biofuels, particularly those made from forestry waste, may be part of the solution.

Growing biofuels on agricultural land has no net benefit, as carbon dioxide is produced by the cultivation with oil based chemical fertilisers and tranpsort of the raw materials. Biofuels including ethanol is much better produced from wood waste than sweetcorn. Oilseed rape and sunflower seed oil to produce substitutes for deisel also require energy for fertilisers, transport and extraction.


The rise in global temperatures leads to more extreme weather,

as well as climate change producing hotter and in places a colder , as well as wetter and drier climatic patterns in different parts of the world: the long term concerns are that will lead to major changes in population.


This year (2006), England has had the warmest July and September since records began.

September 2006 has been on avarage 3 degrees centigrade warmer than normal.

The winter of 2006-7 has been exceptionally mild, as across most of the northern hemisphere.

The spring of 2007 has seen warm tempteraures producing plant growth and flowering two to three weeks earlier than normal, followed by exceptionally high rainfall and floods in June.


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