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    I don't know how many pages it is, because each chapter is individually paginated; the guys at Kinko's only charged me for 300 pages. I do know that it is 73,073 words long. Turns out Liz & I are more prolific than we thought we'd be (we contracted for a 75K-word book, then asked to hand in a 50K word manuscript.)! Go, team!

    I have a big post brewing about the whole book-writing process (a process that has really only begun -- we still have edits & galleys to work through before we're anywhere close to done). Still, this is a very good feeling.

    UPDATE: 302 pages. Kinko's guys gave me a 2-page discount!

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    1. sophiebiblio ages ago | reply

      Thank you. Liz & I are feeling very relieved, and excited for the next steps. I celebrated by baking corn muffins with Nell.

    2. jblyberg ages ago | reply

      Hot damn! Congrats!

    3. janalithgow ages ago | reply

      Congrats! Good work, Rockstar Librarian!

    4. jillhw ages ago | reply

      Congrats!! Impressive!

    5. adge73 ages ago | reply

      Woo hoo! How exciting!

    6. motionless engine [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Excellent work! What is the book about?? How to be a rad, badass librarian?

    7. damp distance [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Congrats! If you have any questions about the process as you go through it, let me know.

      Here's a hint (not so much a hint as a 'must do') make a photocopy of anything you're about to send back to the publisher (e.g., copyedited pages, page proofs with changes, etc.) that way if they get lost you have a back up.

    8. Caitlin PH ages ago | reply

      Many congratulations!

    9. librarianmer ages ago | reply

      Congratulations! Isn't it amazing to see all those months and months of work in one huge pile of paper? It's real! Go you! :)

    10. lib_rachel ages ago | reply

      Hey, I get to see it first!

      ;) Congratulations, guys, looking forward to it.

    11. sophiebiblio ages ago | reply

      Everyone: thank you so much!

      Susan: it's about how libraries & librarians can leverage pop culture knowlege, collections, and services to better connect with their communities. I co-wrote it with one of my fellow Pop Goes the Library bloggers, the amazing Liz Burns.

      gumbo: thank you! I am sure Liz & I will consult you regularly! Thank you!

      librarianmer: I remember well your "lessons from writing a book" post from 2 summers ago -- most of all, I remember you saying that printing the whole thing out at home killed your printer, which is why I wound up going to Kinko's instead!

      lib_rachel: you lucky woman! ;) I need to complete all the sections on the TOC, make spiral-bound photocopies for Liz & I, and then I'll send it in.

    12. drunknmonkey ages ago | reply

      Congrats! That's got to be satisfying. I hope the rest of the process is smooth sailing.

    13. Dawn D-B ages ago | reply

      Congrats!! That is such a huge accomplishment!

    14. Girl_JD ages ago | reply

      Awesome, Sophie. Not that I am surprised in any way. You rock!

    15. lizard888 ages ago | reply

      Yay! Maybe now we'll be able to see you guys! Congratulations!

    16. Jammy171 ages ago | reply

      Congratulations, Sophie!

    17. janielianne ages ago | reply

      Woot! How exciting. I am thrilled for both you and Liz. I can't wait to read it.

    18. Peter Bromberg ages ago | reply

      Yay! I know how hard you and Liz worked on this. Congratulations Sophie!!

    19. susannahg ages ago | reply

      Amazing! Congrats!

    20. BetsyHV ages ago | reply

      woo hoo!

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