John McCain at First Parish Church

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    He spoke at a Harvard Book Store event about his new book.

    He read a few passages from the book and then spent the rest of the time taking questions from the audience.

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    1. Angel Mr. Paul [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

      McCains a good guy but old ideas!

    2. mrsandman47 86 months ago | reply

      McCain knows what it means to be in a war, he also knows what it means to have the people here make us QUIT. I like McCain, he has the guts to stand up and fight, not run away and hide waiting for more American to be killed OVER HERE.

    3. mnkHOUSTON 86 months ago | reply

      I will vote for the first time and it is against McCain. That is enough war. A lot of people have suffered already. For what? WMD, Saddam? oil? freedom? Safety?

    4. albino_john 82 months ago | reply

      I am from india (goa) well Mccain is best, he has guts to keep USA top nation of the world. Obama is not matured, sorry to say that. He changes his ideas almost every week, plz my dear americans vote for Mccain. Its not question of war its question of having courage, he has it and will bring american higher than ever.

    5. ynginvester 81 months ago | reply

      John havent decided whether I'm going to vote Libertarian or Rebublican yet. because I agree with you most of the time. Dont really support the Iraq war and its not because I think that Sadam wsn't harboring al quaeda. It definatly was and I agree that terrorists should not be allowed to have a safe haven anywhere. However, I have always felt that if you are a young man of my age you should not be allowed to have an opinion on the war if you arn't over there fighting it. The the one thing I would like you to be mindful of is what the rest of the world thinks about the republican party. I am tired of pretending to be an independent when I leave the country. If Iran doesn't disarm, don't back down. I am with you on that issue.

      By the way, I would just like to add that I think its a bad idea to exclude Russia from G-8. But than again I'm only 21 and you have been in the senate since before I was a born. I dont mean that negativly either.

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