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sesenta ocho

read, don't read, it's all good w/ me. i just needed to get some of this out. and if you don't, happy friday!! <3


i had a hard afternoon.


the Tweedles had their MA class after school today. i had been talking it up since the night before making it seem it was going to be fun and exciting. and even as i changed their clothes, we were talking about it and they both seemed excited. AJ was more hesitant at the first 2 trial days. but he seemed ok, and didn't fight me on putting on his uniform.


as class is starting and the kiddies are lining up against the wall sitting down, AJ held back. super nervous. but he ended up joining them on his own in the middle of my asking him if he was ok. class starts, everyone warms up w/ jumping jacks and touching toes and AJ is as stiff as a statue. the instructor tried to bend him at the waist to show him how to do it, and he wouldn't budge.


and before i knew it, he was back at the bench w/ me, crying. :(


he sat w/ me for the remainder of the class. a little restless, but for the most part didn't make a sound, except when i spoke to him, didn't move nor make a scene about going home, he just sat there w/ the most worried look on his face. my heart was just so sad for him.


it was heartbreaking seeing him worried and nervous. and i tried my hardest to not coddle nor make it seem it was better to be in my arms or next to me than taking part in his class. which i guess makes it harder on me, b/c i WANT to put him on my lap and hug up on him and talk to him, but at the same, i don't want him looking for his momma everytime he gets nervous. from early on, we've tried to get them independant and help them try to figure things out on their own.


at the same time, my heart swelled seeing EJ do so well! he doesn't fully understand the commands, but he follows through and does what he thinks is being asked of him. he climbed a "wall" and was so proud of himself, he looked back at me to make sure i was watching! :)


i was having a hard time trying to feel for both kids at the same time, and especially that i know this is the age / stage where we'll be figuring out, as well as them, what they want to do and like and want to pursue. but i guess, having it be our first attempt at something new where they won't necessarily HAVE TO BE together, it's something we'll learn from for the next time/activity.


next class is saturday, we'll see how that goes.


the evening was better, as i attempted my first homemade crab cakes! and thank the Lort they were delicious!! the evening went quickly since it was the hustle and bustle of getting dinner ready and baths and bedtime.


tonight, i'm excited for a date night / early birthday celebration / hanging w/ friends night w/ the hubster. we have a birthday dinner to go to, and then we'll be on our way. woot woot!


happy friday y'all!

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Taken on March 8, 2012