Yatsuo Slow Art Show 2009
Sonomi Kobayashi, Connection, 2009, Workshop and Installation at Yatsuo Slow Art Show, Yatsuo, Toyama, Japan
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Project Title: Connection

Project Concept:
A lot of grown ups in small towns in the countryside in Japan usually leave their town after high school to the big cities for college or easier well paid jobs. And most of them stay in the cities; make families there, and never come back to the village to live. Because of that, there are a lot of old people left but not enough younger people to support the industries, which also support the town.
I believe that with an Internet and new technologies, people can have different approach to the farming, possibilities of having decent well paid jobs using internet anywhere in the world, and have a bigger comfortable space and nature around with their families.
I hope my project brings people’s attentions in the community, so as other communities and societies in the world where has a problem like this town.

Project Description:
Before we placed the cover on the structure of "Star Dome", I placed it on a floor and drew a map. The participants who were12 fifth grade Kashio Elementary School students, got on the map and did the project on it. I asked participants to mark the cities on the world map where she/he had never been but they wanted to visit in the future, and wrote or drew why they wanted to go and/ or their images of the cities. After all participants finished writing on the map, I built it into the dome, and invited people inside of it to view the artwork.
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