Wosog's Birthday Necklace

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    1. JuLieT_ 86 months ago | reply

      Just beautiful...

    2. The Rocketeer 86 months ago | reply

      What kind of stones are those?

    3. Kazooot 86 months ago | reply

      I wanted to wear something
      like this from my neck, but
      my wife forbade me doing so.
      Looks very nice of wosog.

    4. little_hobbit_feet 86 months ago | reply

      Happy birthday and what a beautiful necklace!

    5. Son of Groucho 86 months ago | reply

      Thanks, folks!

      @ : the stones are amethysts.

    6. The Rocketeer 86 months ago | reply

      You have done well, Son of Groucho. You have redeemed yourself for another year and earned the right to be in the presence of Wife of Son of Groucho.

      Seriously, that's a beautiful necklace. Well done!

    7. en2zazm 86 months ago | reply

      OOOooo, lovely choice! Happy (belated) Birthday, Wosog!

    8. gran-mommy 86 months ago | reply

      Just beautiful. Happy belated Birthday Wosog.

      (will we be seeing monkey model this in the future?)

    9. FlyButtafly 86 months ago | reply

      Wow, that is absolutely beautiful! Lucky woman, there. :)

    10. Monika N. 85 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! I'd like that, too.
      Happy belated, Wosog!

    11. Son of Groucho 85 months ago | reply

      I keep kidding Wosog on that she's got too much jewellery!

    12. gran-mommy 85 months ago | reply

      What woman could ever have too much jewelry?!?!

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