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Petrosains Interactive Station 7 | by sonnyhung
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Petrosains Interactive Station 7

Petrosains Interactive Station 7

I've titled the photo so this maybe wrong, but who's going to correct me here huh? ;-)

It's a Newton MP2100 (MP2000u) base "married" to a primitive packet switching radio system


Wikipedia: Apple Newton - Other uses: ...the most significant effort took place in Malaysia at the Petronas Discovery Center, known as Petrosains. [5]


In 1995, an exhibit design firm, DMCD Inc., was awarded the contract to design a new 100,000 square foot (9300 m²) science museum in the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. A major factor in the award was the concept that visitors would use a Newton to access additional information, find out where they were in the museum, listen to audio, see animations, control robots and other media, and to bookmark information for printout at the end of the exhibit.


The device became known as the ARIF, a Malay word for "wise man" or "seer" and it was also an acronym for A Resourceful Informative Friend. Some 400 ARIFS were installed and over 300 are still in use today.


The development of the ARIF system was extremely complex and required a team of hardware and software engineers, designers, and writers. The exhibition design and ARIF coordination team was led by Scott Guerin, the hardware/software team by Ted Paschkis, and the writers and interface designers included Paul Trapido and Michael Callan. Mssrs. Guerin and Paschkis went on to found WiVID Systems and nContext Mobile Media which specializes in developing multimedia tour guides for museums, including major projects in Washington and Paris. [6]


ARIF is an ancestor of the PDA systems used in museums today and it boasted features that have not been attempted since. For example it was used as an exploration tool in a large exhibit about exploring for oil. A visitor's success completing one task influenced the success or failure of a subsequent task. At the conclusion of the exhibit, the ARIF was docked at an IR port where it was used to control a robotic arm that placed equipment at locations influenced by the users previous lessons. In another exhibit, up to eight devices could be used at to activate a 60 foot (18 m) diameter model of prehistoric Malaysia; volcano eruptions, animal sounds, lighting effects, and wind are among the many effects. This task was accomplished by docking the ARIF at a computer terminal and using it as the input device. There are no touch screens in Petrosains, all interactive systems were controlled by the ARIF.


The Newton was "married" to a primitive packet switching radio system in order to determine its location as the visitor passed through electronic "gateways." When the visitor entered a new room, the radio triggered an automatic area introduction. The radio also delivered time-synch'd audio in two languages to a group of users when they watched a video.


In addition to being dual language in all audio and text, the ARIF stored bookmarked information such that at the end of the exhibit, users could choose several items of most interest to be printed out, including a souvenir photograph of themselves superimposed on one of several stage sets.


It is my belief that the Petrosains Project was an effort to acquire the needed Newton PDAs for this science museum in the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I recall back in 1998 that there was a call out for MP2000u's and MP2100's by a firm which I don't recall. You were offered up to $1,000.00 USD per Newton in pristine condition. I personally sold two MP2000u's for a total sum of $1,900.00 USD. When I was paid the initial check was made out for $1,898.00 - since it was shy $2.00 I contacted them and shortly thereafter they remitted a check for the remaining balance of $2.00 USD. I still have the photocopy of the second check which has an account title of ANMAY & COMPANY; PETROSAINS PROJECT ACCOUNT. Photo of this check.


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