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Petrosains Project Account - Check for $2.00 USD | by sonnyhung
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Petrosains Project Account - Check for $2.00 USD

Petrosains Project Account - Check #1096 for $2.00 USD



20070111 - I dug up this photocopy of the second check I received for payment for selling my (2) MP2000u. Total payment was suppose to be $1,900.00 for the purchase of my (2) MP2000u's in Pristine and near Pristine Condition. They only wanted MP2100's (or MP2000u's) It was definitely worth the extra $100.00 I paid Apple for the upgrades for both.


20070123 - I researched into the photocopy of the check before placing it here. I was able to verify (001000138) is the Routing # & (93739 98839) is an inactive Account #. * I did ask Mr. Anway if it would be a problem to display the photocopy of the check and he was fine with this (20070126).


20070126 - 10:10am EST

After one days investigation on the internet I was able to track down the company and the contact person Mr. Anway. After leaving a message at the company number and tracking down an alternate number which ended up being the home number I waited a few more days.


Mr. Anway of Anyway & Company called me today on my cellular. He was able to tell me that his firm was involved with the Petronas Discovery Center project back in 1998. Prior to our conversation I already expected that there were NDAs which could possibly prevent Mr. Anway from answering some or most of my questions. One could only hope that we would be able to get some answers.


Mr. Anway confirmed that my assumption was correct. I was involved with the Petronas Discovery Center development by the sale of my (2) MP2000u’s to his company. What he explained to me was that by 1998 they had invested heavily into the R&D of this project with the Newton at the center. After the Apple Computer, Inc. officially cancelled the Newton in 1998 they had to acquire as many Newtons as possible for this project. He estimated initially 1000 Newtons, but later readjusted the figure to possibly 750 Newtons. They placed an “Internet Call” as he put it for Newtons. They purchased them in large and small quantities. Of which mine was one of their one’s and two’s purchases.


An interesting technical fact about this project was that they were the first deployment of PDAs in a Museum Exhibit Setting. In addition they developed a radio network which they settled on a 2.4 gHz frequency which he noted also was another first as it became the industry standard.


About the ARIF units themselves - He described that the units are basically a Newton MessagePad 2000u/2100 with a piggyback radio unit (probably something similar to those made by Digital Ocean) and an extended battery pack. This was all connected to the unit via the RS232 connection. I didn’t get a clarification if the used the external NIC or the internal connector.


He was unable to provide any photos or possible leads to get further information other than suggest that I contact the Petronas Discovery Center which I've done already and am waiting for a response from.

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Uploaded on January 23, 2007