20100415 - Splash n Dash Spring Series Event 2

Presented by Tribe Multisport
April 15, 2010 - 6:00am

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Come on out and enjoy an evening of fun and racing with your friends at Splash & Dash. Splash & Dash is a unique training event, with a relaxed atmosphere, suitable for all levels of athlete. Whether fine tuning for that big race or getting your feet wet at your first multisport event Splash & Dash is the place to be.

Splash & Dash begins and ends at the Special Event Ramp, on the north side of the lake between Mill and Rural.
Swim 750m in Tempe Town Lake
Run 4km

Check Out 4 Peaks Racing at 4peaksracing.com .
Check out the Overall Results at 4peaksracing.com/results/2010-04-15_overall.HTM

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