20091205 - Anthem Holiday Classic Triathlon
Adult & Kids Triathlon
Presented by Triple Sports
December 5, 2009 - 9:00AM

The first Sonic Fitness co-sponsored Triathlon event.

This sprint triathlon featured a "serpentine" pool swim of 400 m. It was a very chilly day for Arizona, but all of the participants seemed to have a great time.

The eighth annual Anthem Holiday Classic! This popular sprint triathlon is the final event on the Arizona multisport calendar. Holiday Classic is held in a great location on a fun, fast course. Consisting of a 400m pool swim, a fast 20km course and a 5km run to the finish, Holiday Classic is a great way to finish your 2009 season.
Swim 400m pool swim (serpentine style)
Bike 20km (3 loops)
Run 5km

Ages 7-14
Swim 200m pool swim
Bike 4.5 miles
Run 1/2 mile

SWIM (Pool is heated)
Each athlete will be started one at a time with a 15 second gap. You will be asked for your estimated 400m swim time and arranged in descending order 15 minutes before the race begins. Each athlete will swim on one side of lane 1, down the opposite side of lane 1, under than lane lines into lane 2 and repeat the process through all 8 lanes. There will be signs pool side race morning indicating estimated swim time.

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