Magic Kingdom: Donald Duck

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    Donald is my favorite character of the bunch. I'm not entirely sure how this ever came to be, but I know that I enjoy his antics and care most about him.

    One of the best things about starting any trip off is that, when you're on the Magical Express bus, they always play Donald Goes Camping. It's a short, funny little cartoon that always gets the crowd on the bus cracking up and helps remind Joanna and I that we're finally there, ready to have fun.

    So thanks, Donald.

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    1. Kurt Miller 55 months ago | reply

      Donald is my favorite too. I think he's the most human of all the characters because of his temper, which makes him different. Great shot here, the background bokeh that you chose here is perfect.

    2. Coasterluver 55 months ago | reply

      Awesome bokeh, I love Donald too, just his whole fun personality and who doesn't love his quirky personality and the way he talks!

    3. Hamilton! 55 months ago | reply

      Kurt Miller You make a great point, Kurt. He's the character we can most relate to, and that helps create an emotional bond.

      !! Incoming NEX-7 plug !!

      I think what really helps make this picture is how sharp Donald's eye is in the foreground. Sometimes you can get great DoF but the subject is a bit fuzzy. With focus peaking on the NEX-7 you're able to see exactly what you're focusing on, and that really helped during the composition of this photo because I could see the DoF I was attaining (live on the viewfinder) and then make sure the eye was in focus.

      It's probably my favorite picture, thus far.

    4. Hamilton! 55 months ago | reply

      Andrew Kirby His voice always puts a smile on my face, as well! :)

    5. Au Kirk 55 months ago | reply

      Hamilton Pytluk This is a great shot... love all of your Disney shots. I have had a question though... do you space out when you are posting these images following your last trip, or do you spread out the post-processing and put them up on Twitter after you finish working on them?

      I just upgraded from the Nex-5 to Nex-7 and love seeing what the camera is capable of doing, since I can't make it do anything close to what you are (...yet)

    6. Tom.Bricker 55 months ago | reply

      Hamilton Pytluk I haven't used the NEX-7, so I can't speak to whether focus peaking on that works better than it does on the Nikon D7000, but you know you can focus peak (it's not called that, though) by entering Live View and hitting the + button, right? I've found it to work incredibly well on the D7000. Is it better on the NEX-7?

    7. Hamilton! 55 months ago | reply

      Tom Bricker Tom I think it may be two separate things. Focus peaking on the NEX-7 is when a visual indicator outlines what your current focus is on. It's almost like someone is using the pencil tool in photoshop and drawing a white line around the edges of the object(s) you're current focus setting deems 'in-focus'.

      So, for this shot, Donald's eye had looked like someone had drawn a white circle around the edges.

      I think the D7000 had something similar but not as robust? I'll take a screenshot of it on the NEX-7 with my phone and show it, to help explain.

      I could be totally wrong, though.

    8. Tom.Bricker 55 months ago | reply

      Hamilton Pytluk Ahhh, I understand. Yeah, what the D7000 does is totally different. You can zoom in on an area in Live View so you can see where the focus is and manually adjust. For me, that works pretty well. The peaking sounds like it might work better in the dark, though.

    9. Hamilton! 55 months ago | reply

      Austin Kirkthanks :)

      Typically I do a real fast pass when I get home from a trip and have transferred all the photos over that involves star-ranking and flagging each of the shots.

      From there I try and make it a point to edit (like, really get in there and tune) one photo every night to post the following morning.

      Initially I tried doing it all at once but it was overwhelming. At least this way I can filter photos and make sure I'm getting to all the winners that were fresh in my mind when I got back.

    10. Ring of Fire Hot Sauce 1 55 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot. Fantastic sharpness and depth of field.

    11. Brett Kiger 55 months ago | reply

      Excellent shot, certainly in your face!

    12. Harry Shields 55 months ago | reply

      Great shot Hamilton! You really need to get some legacy glass on there soon. The peaking makes it so much fun.

    13. Fab05 55 months ago | reply


    14. jtr27 55 months ago | reply

      Thank you for posting in

      Sony NEX - your best shot!

    15. Kristi, The Mrs. [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      Lovely bokeh behind Donald.

    16. Victoria*G 55 months ago | reply

      My favourite duck! :)

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