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I'm a fool and i know it.

Seems like everytime i get the chance i lose my cool and i blow it,

and i get all tongue-tied,

lost in your eyes,

i'm a fool and i know it


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Tagged by the amazing Emma Carson!


10 Facts about me


1-I always,always feel like someone is watching me, i know, freaky, but its the truth.

2-I am really really really in love, and it hurts me so much.

3-I will always be a Canon man! :)

4-I have too many shoes, tooo many!

5-I love Chris Brown music

6-I spend too much time on Flickr/Facebook

7-I smoke, yeah, i know its bad, but it makes me feel so stress free(only once every two weeks, or on days when i feel like shit!)YEAH! I QUIT! YAY!

8-I have skipped P.E for the past 5 weeks, i hate it!

9-I make a HUGE fool of myself when im drunk!

10-I laugh like a horse(Yes,it is embarrassing)!


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Stream just hit 500 views, i know its not alot! But im still very grateful! Thank you!

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Taken on April 5, 2011