Breathed...Unsaid... Closing Reception
Thursday March 31st 2011.

Breathed…Unsaid… closing event, a performance by Archana Sachdev in the style of a Bollywood dance party, and a spoken word poetry reading of historic works by Rumi.

Breathed … Unsaid … was a month-long exhibition by local curator Katya Min, featuring twenty Bay Area multi-disciplinary artists exploring their personal encounters with cultural diaspora and the experience of living multiple and sometimes disparate lives. Featured local artists included Victor Cartagena, Kevin B. Chen, Taraneh Hemami, Kyoung-ah Kang’s, Alice Könitz , Keba Konte, Chris Novak, Tessie Barrera Scharaga, C. Ree, and Joel B. Tan with collaborator Nicholas Brinkley.
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