Reorienting the Imaginaries: Dinner & Conversation
Reorienting the Imaginaries presents a controversial study of the racialized and gendered form, insomuch that understanding the complexities of confronting one’s own (mis)representations becomes catalysts for subversion and creation of autonomous futures.

Take part in an intimate community dinner and discussion examining the impact of culture and identity misrepresentation on food, art, clothing, and health. Food will be provided by Oakland Bloom, whose mission is “to provide resources for aspiring food business owners from the refugee, immigrant, and under-resourced communities, to be part of the rapidly changing food culture of the Bay Area.”

Adilla Torres, La Botanica Azúl
Alora, House of Energi
Desire Forte, Damn Good Teas
Diana Li, Exhibiting artist
Kalahati, Exhibiting artist
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