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Interview With The Vampire

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Gracias a DAW por modelar! =D

Strobist info: The on-camera flash was used to trigger a slave flash. The lighting diagram is below! Thanks!

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  1. . M a r t @ . ♦♦ 88 months ago | reply

    Excelente trabajo!! Muy estudiado como siempre!!

    Feliz año!!!

  2. solofotones 88 months ago | reply

    Muchísimas gracias, Lean, jmpznz y mbm55!!

    Feliz año para vos también, Marta!

  3. n i f 88 months ago | reply

    Me encantan los vampiros!, sobre todo las vampirezas, jeje ... siempre fantaseo con que una me muerda en el cuello lo más sensual que pueda.

    Tanto me gustan que miraba las series de Buffy, La Cazavampiros y Angel por canal Fox, del mismo creador.

    Lo bueno que tienen los vampiros es que se mantienen siempre igual y con la misma figura eternamente. No está bueno?
    Está copadísimo!, jaja ...

  4. Gla* 88 months ago | reply

    Buen año para usted solofotones! Sea feliz!

  5. D-Kid 88 months ago | reply

    Great B/W!! His face says so much.

  6. Hameem Shakhawat 88 months ago | reply

    Now that’s the shot I wanted to experiment for long. The B&W is giving an added gravity on the shot. Great light and selection of objects. A brilliant finishing with the texture and the person on the back is just perfect. Well done!! BTW, I think the crop is little tight on the top and left!!

  7. Joseph.Browning [deleted] 88 months ago | reply

    i love the antique feel
    and the ghost in the background.
    those are my favorites about the shot. :]

  8. vijay_raghavan 88 months ago | reply

    That's a cool cool shot!!!
    and nice idea with B/W!!!

  9. James Mundie 88 months ago | reply

    Very effective. Feels like a movie still from the 1930s - especially with the texture treatment and mysterious ghostly figure in the background. Lugosi would have been proud.

    However, the brightness of the arm peeking out of the cape is a bit distracting, as are the frilly bits popping up at the bottom of the frame (tinsel garland around a handrail, perhaps?).

  10. solofotones 88 months ago | reply

    Gracias por pasar, Nico! Qué fantasías extrañas que tenés, eh? =P

    Muchas gracias Gla! Sonrío! xD

    Thanks everyone from the "Life thru a lenz" group for your feedback! Now, these are really useful and deep comments! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  11. bruiseasily 88 months ago | reply

    Oh, my gosh ~ I have SO much to learn...the diagrams are fantastic!!

  12. solofotones 88 months ago | reply

    Thanks, bruiseasily!!

  13. thefierywell 88 months ago | reply

    This caught my eye in your stream. Fantastic use of light and post work. Love the aged, Nosferatu feel and the push of shadow above the eyes. Is the vampyre in the back post or a second subject?

  14. solofotones 88 months ago | reply

    It's another model, of course!! Ok, Google Image Search + Photoshop, I admit it! :P

    Thanks for passing by!!

  15. gfewgfr [deleted] 88 months ago | reply

    I found this photo because you asked me to Explore My Photostream
    nice use of shadow on the face

  16. word artist 88 months ago | reply

    It wouldn't be fair to assess your photostream without stopping in on this picture. The lighting is perfect, and the resultant shadows on the face provide exactly the right amount of menace. I love the touch of extra detail in the shadow on the brow.... could it represent a bird... or... a bat?
    That there is a second shadowy figure in the background fills out the already strong subject.
    My only criticism would have to be the bare arm and inside of the cape - with that bright a light on flesh, he should be in agony.

  17. BillPap [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

    Makes you wonder... if a vampire isn't reflected in a mirror, can he be captured on a digital sensor? Is it a glass thing? ;)

    I found this photo because you asked me to Explore My Photostream

  18. cameraconscious 75 months ago | reply


    Nice photo. Thanks for sharing. I have used it in the following story:
    Top 10 horror novels


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